Thank you so much – JAM did a wonderful job. Our Superior Judge was GREAT!

Jen Burfeind, Meet Coordinator, Zumbrota-Mazeppa


Very easy to work with JAM. Communication is the best! Very professional!

Lisa Roth, Coach, Aitkin


JAM makes hosting an invite a very easy process, from booking, to communicating before the event and the process the day of. Everything runs very smooth and efficient with JAM!

Meg Leonard, Coach, Rogers


The Superior Judge connected with me a few times prior to the event to confirm everything. She also made an effort to find me at the end of the competition to go through a recap of the day’s events as well as make some suggestions for next year. We had quite a few major events (including two medical emergencies) happen during the last few hours of our event and the Superior Judge was on top of all of it and quickly helped us determine how to handle the situations.

Tiffany Boozier, Meet Coordinator, Apple Valley


Very impressed with the communication with the superior judge prior to the meet. She was very organized and helpful with the meet information and looking over our schedule of the day to make sure everything was correct.

Jennifer Simon, Coach, Plainview-Elgin-Millville


I like how JAM judges will explain rulings to coaches with questions…so that we can learn from it in the future. I also believe that using the whole score sheet is beneficial to teams who want to grow from the evaluation scores and I like this approach.

Cheryl Smoczyk, Coach, Forest Lake


Great communication and leadership from the Superior Judge. The tabulators were phenomenal. They were professional and friendly. I enjoyed working with JAM.

Joe Perkl, Activities Director, Hopkins


Very supportive and helpful. This was our first time hosting so it was nice to have someone to check to make sure all was ok. Our superior judge was great. The process of scheduling was very easy and quick. Thank you so much for helping make our meet run smoothly.

Kelly Campbell, Coach, Hayfield


The JAM Officials are very professional and well-trained.

 Emmett Keenan, AD, St. Cloud Cathedral


We had a great experience with JAM, the officials and superior judge were all very friendly, patient, and responsive with the process for our first invite! Thank you JAM for a great competition day!

 Kristin Luth, Coach, Edina


Very professional, job well done!

 David Rocheleau, AD, Pierz


The Superior Judge was phenomenal! I really liked when she came and talked to the coaches at the meeting…in fact, all the coaches thought it was great also. I appreciate the work you do to line up quality judges for the invites and section tournaments I have handled…I couldn’t do it without you.

 Bobbi Siegel, Site Manager, Section 4A


Extremely professional and very consistent scores! Thank you JAM!

 Madi Salisbury, Coach, Cannon Falls


Very polite, friendly and supportive!

 Brett Mayer, AD, Crosby-Ironton


JAM made our Big Nine Championships an outstanding event for the athletes, coaches and fans.

 Mark Kuisle, AD, Rochester Century


When I called the Superior Judge on Friday about a team adding to our meet, she was more than happy to work with me arranging the necessary items to include the last minute team…thank you!  We had issues with the tabulator that the team hired (NOT JAM) and the Superior Judge went above and beyond to insure consistency and accuracy of scores. Very thankful to have her there!

 Hillary Hood, Coach, Bemidji