Required Annual Training

May 7, 2013 / admin / Training

JAM ensures that your scheduled officiating panel are well-educated and knowledgeable professionals. Because our membership includes officials from a variety of backgrounds, JAM requires all members to attend a mandatory annual training workshop prior to the start of each competitive season.

At training, JAM Core Group members, as well as MSHSL Rule Coordinators, present the following topics to the general membership:

• Professionalism & Expectations
• JAM Code of Conduct
• MSHSL Scoresheet Criteria
• Categorical Analysis of Scoresheet
• Minnesota Average Scale
• Technique Demonstration & Difficulty
• Dangerous Moves
• Tabulation Procedures
• Kick Counting & Timing
• Trial Judging Using Current MN Routines
• Rules Clarifications
• Enforcing the Rules
• Superior Judge Responsibilities
• Managing a Competition
• Problem Solving Strategies
• Case Scenarios

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