Code of Conduct

Each member of JAM is required to read, sign and abide by our Code of Conduct.

I am a member of the Judges Association of Minnesota Dance Teams.  I understand that with membership come certain responsibilities and privileges.  These responsibilities emphasize the ideals of sportsmanship, ethical conduct, and fair play.  They extend to all my activities as a member including, but not limited to, competitions, meetings, training, and committee work as long as I am a member of JAM.


1.     I will uphold the honor, dignity, and humility of my role in all interactions with athletes, coaches, school administrators, colleagues, and the public.

2.     I will recognize that anything that may lead to a conflict of interest, either real or apparent, must be avoided.  Actions that can compromise the perceived impartiality of judging must be avoided.

3.     I will not allow my actions to be influenced by economic factors, race, creed, color, age, sex, physical handicap, country, or national origin.

Education and Preparation

1.     I will master both rules of the game and mechanics necessary to enforce the rules, and will exercise authority in an impartial, firm and controlled manner.

2.     I will prepare myself physically and mentally, will dress neatly and appropriately, and shall conduct myself in a manner consistent with an official.

3.     I will be punctual to all assignments and arrive prepared with the supplies necessary to function in my role.

4.     I will obtain training so I may complete my responsibilities with intelligence and respect.  If necessary, this may extend beyond the training provided by JAM.

5.     I will review my assignments.  If I find I am unable to officiate due to a conflict or inadequate training, I will notify appropriate personnel as soon as possible and remove myself from the position.


1.     I will act in the role for which I was assigned.

2.     I will keep all verbal and non-verbal communications professional while on-site, whether I am officiating at that time or not.

3.     I will work with other members and the JAM governing body in a constructive and cooperative manner.

4.     I will judge solely on the criteria established and on what is seen that day, not what is expected.

5.     I will participate in both pre and post meet conferences for input and feedback.

If I am unable or unwilling to uphold my responsibilities, I will resign my membership or the governing body of JAM may take steps up to and including the termination of my membership.

The purpose of Dance Team is to promote the physical, mental, moral, social, and emotional well being of the athletes.  My role is to maintain the basic principles of officiating that include integrity, neutrality, respect and professionalism.  By fulfilling my role, I am supporting not only the athletes, but also the sport of Dance Team.