How Scheduling Works

As a service to host schools, JAM has instituted a free scheduling service, wherein host schools can request JAM to schedule the appropriate amount of judges, tab room officials and kick counter/timers for their meets.  When using JAM scheduling services, we ask that the entire judging panel consist only of JAM members.  This allows us to keep the panel balanced, make emergency replacements when necessary, and allows our Superior Judge to manage the meet and judges as effectively as possible.

The following outlines our scheduling process:

1.   The JAM Scheduling Team receives meet requests from the host school.  You may either fill out our Google Form or contact the Scheduling Team directly at

2.  The Scheduling Team compiles all of the meet requests into one master calendar.  In the early fall, the Scheduling Team sends the master list to our members and asks members to respond with their availability and interest.  As additional meets are added throughout the season, we follow the same procedure on a smaller scale.

3.  After the Scheduling Team receives the responses back from our members, officials are scheduled and the meets are confirmed via our online scheduling software.

4.  Once all officials have confirmed their assignments, the Scheduling Team contacts both the host school and Superior Judge with the meet details and list of assigned officials.  The Scheduling Team strives to send out this information one month prior to the date of competition.

5.  The Superior Judge then works directly with the host school to confirm meet specifics such as competition schedule, order of performance and officials fees.  The Superior Judge also relays this pertinent information back to the assigned officials.