Why should I join JAM Dance Teams?

There are many reasons why someone should become a JAM member!

First and foremost, we all share a love and passion for dance and dance team. Our membership is made up of people with different backgrounds and we embrace those differences. Our membership includes former dance team members, current and former professional dancers, former dance team parents, former coaches and the list goes on. We enjoy sharing and learning from each other.

Another perk is that JAM is the association that most coaches and athletic directors use to hire dance team officials. JAM will only schedule members who have attended training for any officiating positions. Because the MSHSL doesn’t offer judging training, host schools know that JAM officials have the background and training necessary to judge fairly and accurately.

We are always looking for new members to share their passion of dance and dance team with our association. Please consider joining our association!

What does it cost to join JAM?

Our membership fees for the 2015-16 season are varied depending on your membership level, when you register and submit your payment.

Can I be a member of another judging association, as well?

According to the Minnesota State High School League’s Information for New Officials, “You are encouraged to join a local officials association; attend all meetings and clinics. An official should maintain membership in only one association in the same activity.” JAM members are expected to accept MSHSL sanctioned meet assignments only through JAM.

I am a dance team consultant. Can I still join JAM?

Consultants must adhere to our strict conflict of interest policy as stated within our membership levels.

I am a fall dance club coach/advisor. Can I be a member of JAM?

Yes.  Former dancers, coaches, parents and current fall coaches may officiate as outlined for each JAM level listed, EXCLUDING their former / current team.  This exclusion is lifted after 4 school years of disassociation with a former team. For more information please refer to our membership levels.

I recently coached or danced, can I still judge?

Yes. Membership levels determine what meets you can officiate. Conflicts of interest or recent affiliations are managed appropriately so that you will not judge for a particular team(s) or class(es).

Will I get paid to officiate?

With the exception of trial judging and participation in the mentoring program, you will get paid.

JAM has fees and guidelines that host schools use to determine necessary payment.

The various officiating positions have different fees and in some cases, schools will pay mileage to officials who are travel to meets in greater Minnesota. While receiving payment is considered a perk of officiating, most officials consider their love for dance as the reason for becoming involved with JAM.

When can I expect to sign up for meets?

A master meet schedule will come out in the fall. Member availability will be due back to the Scheduling Team approximately two weeks later. Meets are scheduled one month in advance unless otherwise noted.

Will I get every meet or every date that I sign up for?

Probably not. New members are more likely to gain officiating experience by doing the following:

1) Sign up for as many meets as you are available to do. You can sign up for multiple meets on one day. You will not be double booked.

2) Sign up for meets in greater Minnesota. We have fewer officials located in those areas so your willingness to travel will help you get more meets.

3) Sign up for as many positions as you are qualified for. Signing up to “only judge” will limit your availability. Be sure to indicate tabulating and kick counting/timing if you are confident in those areas of officiating.

Can I cancel the meet I have been assigned to?

To maintain your credibility as a JAM member, you must avoid canceling unless in an emergency. Treat the meet assignment like a job. If you habitually cancel, it will limit the meets that you are scheduled for in the future. If you must cancel due to an emergency, you must immediately contact the Scheduling Team.