Trial Judging & Mentoring

All JAM members are required to trial judge in order to become more proficient with the Minnesota dance team score sheet criteria. Trial judging positions are unpaid and required for all new members regardless of previous dancing, coaching, and/or officiating experience.

Trial judging may take place at any of the predetermined competitions.  Trial judges’ scores will not count toward the meet’s final results.  Trial judges are expected to arrive on time, prepared, and follow all guidelines of judging professionalism, including participating in the post-meet conference.

JAM’s Mentoring Program

The mentoring program is also a requirement for member in their first or second year of officiating with JAM.

Unlike other trial judging experiences, the mentoring program allows newer members to discuss the routines as they are being performed. Additionally, mentorees will be given the opportunity to view the tabulation room in process and practice kick counting and timing.

Like other trial judging experiences, the mentoring program is an unpaid opportunity and participants must provide their own officiating materials and bring money for refreshments.

The mentoring program typically takes place at an elite level invitational early in the season that will give participants a chance to judge both high kick and jazz, in all three Minnesota dance team classes (A, AA, AAA) at the varisty and junior varsity levels.

2017-2018 Mentor Program Dates

December 2, 2017: Apple Valley invitational

December 9, 2017: Eastview invitational

December 16, 2017: Waconia invitational